Sanctuary detail © Lindsay Perth, photo by Rebecca Milling

Arts and Health

Arts and Health describes the diverse field of arts engagement and commissioning, designed to increase the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Art and Health is the field of activity which not only describes arts programmes in hospitals, but also the work of arts therapists, researchers, curators and those working on improving health and wellbeing in the community through the arts.

Activity includes:

  • Arts in the healthcare environment
  • Participatory arts programmes
  • Medical Training and Medical Humanities
  • Arts Therapies
  • Arts on Prescription

The benefits of Arts and Health are long-established, evidenced by robust, independent research. We work closely with NHS Lothian Arts Therapies, a separate clinical discipline. Learn more about NHS Lothian Arts Therapies.

Find out more about how we are enhancing environments and enriching patient experience by reading our case studies

In the Trees detail© John Brown, photo by cro+kow

Social and Geographic Context: Edinburgh Haematology Centre

I find myself gazing into a circular haze of blue. I could be looking at a picture of the earth, […]

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Baralettes © Alex Allan, photo by Matthew Barnes ELCH

Clinical Collaboration

There’s a multitude of studies with evidence that people actually heal and repair more quickly in a creative physical environment,” […]

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Horse © Kenny Hunter, photo by cro+kow

Context and Place: East Lothian

What does it mean to commission artworks for a hospital? There are certain requirements the artists and makers must consider […]

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Sanctuary © Lindsay Perth, photo by Rebecca Milling

Crafting of Considered Spaces; Mindful Making

In the market town of Haddington in East Lothian, a purpose-built modern healthcare facility is operating with an innovative approach […]

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