Tonic Collections

Tonic Collection

The Art Collection plays an important role in the improved health and wellbeing of staff, patients and visitors with over 2,500 artworks displayed across over 30 NHS Lothian sites.

The Tonic Collection includes works by artists including Allan Ramsay, John Minton, Gordon Bryce, John Bellany, Victoria Crowe, Susan Derges, Elizabeth Blackadder, Jack Knox, Willie Rodger, Frances Walker, Leon Morocco, Sylvia Wishart, Adrian Wiszniewski, Victor Pasmore and Kenny Hunter.

See some highlights from our collection

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Tonic Arts Collection. From L to R: Cobalt and Orange Playing Games, Cobalt Playing Games, Cobalt and Pink Playing Games

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

Six stunning Wilhelmina Barns-Graham screenprints were purchased using restricted funds for the Royal Victoria Building, Western General Hospital, which specialises in medicine for the elderly.
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Woodblock prints by Ilana Halperin in the Tonic Arts Collection. From L to R: Corporeal Minerology, We Form Geology, Autobiographical Trace Fossils , An air Bubble, the Potential Origin of Life

Ilana Halperin

Four striking Ilana Halperin woodblock prints from the series Geological Intimacy were purchased in 2021 and installed along the South Corridor at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
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Katie Watson’s A Divided Landscape diptych in the Tonic Arts Collection

Katie Watson

Katie Watson’s A Divided Landscape diptych was painted by the artist for the 2017 Royal Scottish Academy, New Contemporaries Exhibition.
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Alasdair Grey screenprint called May

Alasdair Gray

These bold and colourful prints by Alasdair Gray were developed from a series of black and white drawings previously published in Gray’s books. Produced with Edinburgh Printmakers, they were made in August, coinciding with the Edinburgh Festival.
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