Workshop participant, photo by Fiona Hermse

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In the Trees detail© John Brown, photo by cro+kow

Social and Geographic Context: Edinburgh Haematology Centre

I find myself gazing into a circular haze of blue. I could be looking at a picture of the earth, […]

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Baralettes © Alex Allan, photo by Matthew Barnes ELCH

Clinical Collaboration

There’s a multitude of studies with evidence that people actually heal and repair more quickly in a creative physical environment,” […]

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Horse © Kenny Hunter, photo by cro+kow

Context and Place: East Lothian

What does it mean to commission artworks for a hospital? There are certain requirements the artists and makers must consider […]

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Sanctuary © Lindsay Perth, photo by Rebecca Milling

Crafting of Considered Spaces; Mindful Making

In the market town of Haddington in East Lothian, a purpose-built modern healthcare facility is operating with an innovative approach […]

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Waterlines © Sharon Quigley, photo cro+kow

Nature Bathing; Edinburgh Haematology Centre and East Lothian Community Hospital

Humans are genetically predisposed to be attracted to nature. We desire to seek connections to the natural world, which foster […]

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Stories from the patients and staff we work with:



Developing a long-term relationship with Dementia Care at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital by exploring ways in which families, nursing staff and artists can work together as a team, learning from each other in order to make positive change within the wards.

The success of Artlink’s input was the catalyst for changing my hopes and dreams for the ward into a reality. I could tell you of the wonderful changes to our environment, the creation of our dementia-friendly garden, the painting of the benches, the building of the raised beds, the rope weaving, the Geodesic dome…… But, this does not show you the development of the men beginning to smile; of them returning to participating in day to day activities that were familiar to them in their healthy state. It does not show you how dirty they got when they were weeding the garden and it does not let you hear the laughter. But that is what working together as a team has achieved.”

Frank Charleston, Senior Charge Nurse, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Signing Through Change

Signing Through Change

To use interactive performance to gain a better understanding of patients’ needs and staff practice at Liberton Hospital in order to address immediate issues of low motivation, social isolation and boredom; ensuring relevance and greater impact of longer-term approaches.

We are nurses and we have our job to do.  The Artlink creative activities break up the day. They add new things.  We see what they do and try to continue these activities with the patients, like reminiscence. We get to see what interests the patients. What lights them up. They all have a lot to share and sharing makes it better for everyone.”

Staff Nurse, Liberton Hospital


Summer Fling
Summer Fling at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them.

Volunteering with the NHS is my opportunity to give back, I’ve got experience of being a patient and I’ve had family members who have needed long-term care. I know how boring and frustrating it can be with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Being involved in the arts programme here I know I’m involved in something really valuable, that I think is a really important part of people’s recovery… being creative, taking them out of themselves, connecting people to one another – not just as patients – where else do patients get that opportunity?”

Volunteer, Royal Edinburgh Hospital