Tree houses © John Brown, photo by Simon Crofts & Sylwia Kowalczyk

What we do

Tonic Arts supports the health and wellbeing of NHS Lothian staff, patients and visitors through a diverse creative programme.

The Tonic Arts programme creatively enhances the healthcare environment and enriches the patient experience through the following activity, delivered in partnership with specialist arts organisations and project managers:

  • The improvement of emotional and physical environments through a programme of high-quality art and design commissions and artist residencies.
  • The continued growth and provision of a relevant, uplifting art collection of over 2,500 works, accessible to all across NHS Lothian.
  • The development of an engaging exhibitions programme across major hospital sites.
  • The continued development of an innovative participatory and live arts programme for long-stay patients and public spaces.
  • An increased awareness of the benefits of arts for health and wellbeing through a range of specially tailored training and events.

Our Work

tiled Corridor © Frances Priest - Tonic Commissions

Tonic Commissions

We support and manage arts, design and selected Greenspace commissioning programmes, developed with patient and staff engagement and collaboration.
Tonic Collections

Tonic Collection

The Art Collection plays an important role in the improved health and wellbeing of staff, patients and visitors with over 2,500 artworks displayed across over 30 NHS Lothian sites.
Saudade © Katherina Axemo, exhibited as part of the Leaves exhibition

Tonic Exhibitions

We curate temporary exhibitions at seven gallery spaces across five NHS Lothian hospital sites, showcasing a dynamic and diverse range of artworks including patient and staff work alongside professional and commissioned work.

Tonic Participation

Our Participation Programme brings the transformative power of the arts to patients, caregivers and staff in healthcare settings across NHS Lothian, inspiring individuals and helping them to connect and communicate to improve wellbeing.