18 October, 2023 - 29 April, 2024 / Tonic Gallery at the Western General Hospital

Formula for Care

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Elaine Woo-MacGregor, leaving for the party
Elaine Woo-MacGregor, leaving for the party

Our Formula For Care exhibition is a series of work by ten artist members of Spilt Milk Gallery.

The artworks explore both the physical changes to the maternal body as well as the shifts in identity and changing priorities as children grow older, and the effects these have on mothers’ mental wellbeing.

Through various artistic mediums, these talented creators share their diverse perspectives and personal motherhood journeys, exploring physical changes, shifting identities, and the impact on mothers’ mental wellbeing as their children grow older.

As you walk around the exhibition reflect on how we care for ourselves while caring for others and navigating unexpected circumstances.

Embrace the power of shared experiences and the understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for care; instead, multiple formulas to cherish each unique journey.

The exhibition hopes to encourage us to think about
– How we care for ourselves and our own health, while caring for others?
– How do we continue this care when unexpected feelings or circumstances arise, or when things happen beyond our control?

Spilt Milk Gallery is a social enterprise whose mission is to support the work of artists who identify as mothers, and to empower mothers in our local community through creative activities.

image by Lottie Bolster

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Rosie Barnes, Ruth Batham, Lottie Bolster, Athene Greig, Megan Hogg, Sharon James, Maura Jamieson, Diana Krivola, Elaine Woo MacGregor, Lauren McLaughlin.

Maura Jamieson, Light Interiors
Maura Jamieson, Light Interiors
Athene Grieg, MJ Cauldron 2
Athene Grieg, MJ Cauldron 2
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More information about the exhibition and about Spilt Milk Gallery social enterprise can be found by visiting their website.

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